About me

Hey, I’m Ryan!

I’m a fitness addict, really. My life is all based around exercising and feeling good.

I’ve always been an average guy but I decided to change this a few years ago. So I decided I would go to the gym, get trainers, try all the machines, etc…

After a couple years, i kind of became an “expert” in the sport equipment field. I really tried maybe 90% of what you could be tihnking of. I tested each macihne so I could really feel the differences between them.

One of my favorite piece of equipment is the exercise bike. I love the full workout it provides.

That’s why I decided I would dedicate a wohle site jut for them. They come in wide varieties, upright, recumbent or spin… and I know it ca nbe really confusing, especialy if you can’t try them before buying.

My mission here is to help you make an educated choice for your next piece of equipment.

I’ve obviously written individual product reviews but also a few guides that will help you unerstand the difference between the different typs of exercise bikes. I also give some tips for a more effective training session here. I wlil add more in the future, of course!

Hopefully it will give you enough info to help you make the right choice.

I’ve also made a collection of my favorite playlists I always listen to while working out. I’sure you’ll enjoy them too. I also often listen to some motivational videos or read about motivation itself. It’s very important to stay focused and motivated to reach your goals. There are some great resources for this all over the web, but I gathered some for your right here.

Enjoy the reading and don’t hesitate to get in touch. I love talking to people who share my passion, and  I don’t bite!