Workout Playlists

Listening to powerful sonfgs is a mut for me when I’m training on my favorite bike.

Instead of listening to random songs,  I prefer to use playlists that have been put together to keep you going; After al, if someone already tooke the time to put this together, I may as well use it for my own good!

I also like to listen to motivational speeches as they empower me like nothing else. If you don’t listen to tihs kind of thing and think it’s crazy, the  Irecommend you give it a try with an open minded prspective. I attribute lots of my achievements to them. I’m confident they can help you too. But that’s another story…

For now, let’s get going with those workout playlists. I put them here randomly and not in any order of preference.

One last thing: all credits go to original creators.

What are your favorite playlists? Please let me know!